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Prompt 255: How to Scare Someone

It doesn’t take much for me to scare someone and shoving a gun in their face is a sure way guarantee they’re not leaving with clean underpants. Replace the gun with a katana, my personal fave, and you pretty much get the same effect. Scare tactics work great when you want to get something and I’m all for it! You should try it too.

I especially love going around and purposely scaring Blind Al. Being blind and all, she’s unable to see me coming up and carefully planning to scare her right out of her skin, but it’s usually Al that gets me first. And I have no idea how she does it.

Oh, but I make sure to get my revenge and sure enough, after numerous attempts, she soils herself.

Ha! I finally got you! Not so tough are you Al?

So you’ve bested me three out of five times. Shut up and let me have my victory dance. You know I’m good at it.
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Prompt 253 - Awesome

There were a lot of things that Deadpool would find awesome. And sometimes awesome wasn’t the word to describe these things. Amazing, fantastic, or just wow! would settle his descriptive needs just fine. A fan of swords, his Katana’s could be considered awesome. Especially when they’d make a clean cut straight through the body of a certain X Man with animalistic characteristics.

Sharp enough to slice and dice! Ah, there was no need to hide his name; he was referring to Wolverine after all. And best of all (or maybe it was worst of all) he grew back, just like he himself did. So there’d be endless hours of fighting, dying, fighting some more, dying some more, and then waiting another day to settle the dispute. But then again, Deadpool remembers when he’d often team up and fight with Wolverine, not against. Eh, it didn’t bother him if he was with or against.

Another awesome thing; duct tape. So he referred to it a lot, but could you really blame him when duct tape was such a fantastic idea? It was ingenious! And the creator himself was a genius. It’d fix anything and held things together so well. Plus, it was fun to rip off the mouth of someone he wasn’t particularly a fan of.
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Prompt 248 - Spy

Would you make a good spy? Why or why not?
Would I make a good spy? Hah, I’m already a great mercenary, so I’d have no problem adding secret spy to my list of skills. And the reason I’d be the best spy? I don’t have just one side to choose from, I have whatever side needs me the most at the moment. (Whatever side pays the most.)

I can be James Bond or I can be le Chiffre, it’s your choice boss.

The coolest thing about being a spy is all the handy dandy gadgets that come along with it. Exploding toothpaste. Poisonous gum. And then some device which name I can’t pronounce, but man is it neat.

No need to replace me with another double number either, I’ll get the mission one in one piece, or several. I’m the man for the job.

Oh the possibilities are endless. I can see myself now; “secret agent man. Secret. Agent. Man!” I love this song.
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Prompt 246 - Negotiations

What are the five steps to a successful negotiation?
1> Guns make an excellent add-on to any negotiation. Things aren't going your way and that guy just ain't listening? Well, I guarantee that when you bring out a shiny metallic weapon with automatic firing power, anyone's willing to listen.

2> Duct tape.
Not only do I love saying duct tape, duct tape is also really useful. And fun too! Really fun! Especially the noise duct tape make when your strapping someone down disabling them to move. Or speak.

Yay for duct tape!

3> Tell the truth.
Even when you lie so you'll be just like Tony Montana now.

Truth... Truth? Nope, there is no truth. Just give them what they want to hear and you're set.

4> Make your own rules.

5> Be a negotiator.
Just like the good men and women in blue. But then you'll find yourself back up there with numero tres. Go with red and black.
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sixwordstories - Activity Check #1

I need to start keeping track of these;

COPS! Come tryna snatch my crops!! -Brody

Most you ever lost inna coin toss? -Death
So, what's with all the hate? -Tony Stark

What, is some epidemic going around? -Drake Frost


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